Bladesmith's Apprentice Podcast


The Bladesmith's Apprentice Podcast is a project I've been working on for a while now. The basic idea is a podcast; interviewing different bladesmiths from around the world, to learn from and discuss anything bladesmithing related, from damascus and hamons to woods, heat treating, engraving, forging, tools, history, culture, ANYTHING. I know many young bladesmiths like myself have always wanted to talk, ask questions, and get advice from certain bladesmiths, and this is the source to hear that. There are so many smiths, with such a wealth of information that's just passed on to a dozen people in their career. Not just skills in the craft itself, but hearing personal stories, how a smith got started, business questions, culture and histories of a particular blade itself, ideologies, what possesses these guys to be bladesmiths, and mindsets of how they get better. There are so many fantastic smiths that it's a shame so little of their story, skill, and knowledge gets passed on. Not just for beginning and upcoming smiths like myself, but advanced things like canister damascus, tool construction, and so on. Sort of like the Art of Manliness podcast I suppose, but for Bladesmithing. I've got big expectations, hopefully eventually blade shows, in-person interviews, and interviews with non-bladesmith folk (like leatherworkers, woodworkers, chefs, and material suppliers).

It'll be hopefully bi-weekly, but I'm pretty flexible for scheduling at the moment, especially as I can request and record new interviews. Before each interview I'll post about the given bladesmith, see what questions or topics you'd like to hear covered. 

I'm really excited for this, and published my first episode yesterday, with my good friend Jake Gatliff, serving as a prototype first episode. I've got a lot to improve on podcasting-wise (as you'll probably notice, heh) but I'm learning fast and have confidence that this'll really take off. You can listen to the podcast on Podomatic  or Stitcher; the Bladesmith's Apprentice.