Bladesmith's Apprentice Episode Six: Cris Anderson


Cris Anderson of Scorpion Knives is a bladesmith who specializes in kitchen cutlery, a category of knives that requires extremely well refined edge geometry and heat treat. In this episode we discuss a wide variety of topics including heat treating, hamons, marketing and business, and much more. You can see his work on his website:

Bladesmith's Apprentice Episode Five: Liam Hoffman


Liam Hoffman is a 19-year old bladesmith who specializes in axes. In this episode we discuss what else- axes, what's important and what differs between a good one and a bad one, but we also delve into marketing and business, along with the subject of fitness: when you forge so much, and every day, muscle imbalance becomes a serious issue. You can see his work at

Bladesmith's Apprentice Episode Four: Christopher Costa


Chris Costa is a bladesmith who's always focused on getting better; every piece seems to be an improvement on the last. Today we discuss knife shows, improvement, guard fitting, pattern welding, guard fitting, a recent hydraulic press build of Christopher's, and working with a customer on custom projects. You can see his work on Instagram: And at his website:

Bladesmith's Apprentice Episode Two: Robert Burns


An appropriate name for a worker in hot steel, Robert Burns is the owner of Wilderness Ironworks . He is a master craftsman, always pushing himself to be better. We talk about his starting, tips on forge welding for beginners, two of his knives: the Van Helsing bowie ( and the La Brea bowie, which he posted in a complete work-in-progress thread here:

Finally, we talk about learning from a mentor; what a master is looking for in an apprenticeship.

Bladesmith's Apprentice Episode One: Jake Gatliff

For the first episode of the Bladesmith Apprentice I interview a good friend of mine, Jacob Gatliff. Jake is a highschool Junior who's been bladesmithing for more than four years, advancing his skills and forging blades designed for practical use. We talk about his beginning in bladesmithing, the materials and sources, how he's learned, his favorite tools, and general knife talk. You can see his work on Instagram.